Canada GST Credit Is Now Doubled
The government of Canada has doubled the Goods and Services Tax (GST) credit for half a
year in order to diminish the impact of inflation and make life more affordable for
approximately 11 million Low-income Canadians. Canadians who already receive the credit
will start getting the increased payments in early November.
Who is eligible for Canada’s GST credit?
Recipients must be residents of Canada for income tax purposes and either be at least 19 years
old, have (or had) a spouse or common-law partner, or are (or were) a parent who lives with a
Eligibility for the GST (TPS in French) credit depends on a household’s size and income.
Qualifying Canadians with low or modest incomes are automatically considered for the credit
when they file their taxes.
Families who had a net income of less than $39,826 in 2021 will receive the maximum value.
The credit value decreases above that amount depending on the living situation of the eligible
How much was the GST payment before?
For the 2022-2023 pay periods, the maximum payments are:
— “$467 for singles without children;
— “$612 for married or common-law partners;
— “$612 for single parents; plus
— “$161 for each child under the age of 19.”
So, for example, a single parent with two children and a net income under $39,826 would get
$934 ($612 + $161 + $161) spread across two pay periods six months apart.
How much extra will you get now that GST payments are doubled?
The six-month credit doubling means recipients will receive an extra payment equal to one of
the two six-month instalments.
So, in the example of the single parent with two children, they’ll get an extra $467 ($934 divided
by two), as would a couple with two children who meets the income requirement (half of $612 +
$161 + $161).
Singles with no children and a net income