Accurate Record Keeping Is a Key Component to the Success of Your Business.

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting

  • Personal & Corporate Tax

  • Self-Employed Business Tax

  • GST/HST Return

  • Business Planning & Forecasting

  • Business Incorporation
  • CRA Appeal & Audit/Examination Assistance

  • Payroll & Remittance of statutory deductions to CRA
  • Business Financing Assistance

  • Inventory Taking and Management

  • Conducting Internal Audit

  • WSIB Registration & Reporting


Bookkeeping & Accounting

We provide full-cycle bookkeeping and accounting services. We also prepare Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, and Cash Flow along with Notes). In order to better understand Financial Statements for the owners/shareholders, we analyze it in detail and bring out the insights – problems and opportunities of the business so that the owners/shareholders can take remedial action on time to fix the financial and operation policies.

Tax services

Personal & Corporate Tax

We pick every cent from your expense slips/bills so that you can get a maximum refund from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and minimize your tax burden. We also deal with CRA in the case of audits or queries.

Self-Employed Business Tax

Self-Employed businesses face more challenges than corporations. That’s why they need special attention and care to prepare their returns. Our stringent quality Control System makes sure that you get every cent you deserve. 

Audit and Returns

GST/HST Return

We accurately calculate your GST/HST amount and file the return on time. 

CRA Appeal & Audit/Examination Assistance

Having a long experience working in the Accounting and Tax field, we gained expertise to deal with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in terms of appeal/examination, meeting query, and settling any dispute with CRA successfully.

Payroll & Remittance of statutory deductions to CRA

We accurately calculate your payroll, issue pay stub, and arrange to remit statutory deductions to CRA including payroll reports on time so that CRA can never impose any penalty or interest on or audit your business.

Management and Business Registration

Business Planning & Forecasting

Business planning and budgeting are essential when you want to establish a business or you need finance from a bank or financial institution. We craft your business plan in such a way that you can get finance at the lowest interest rate. Thus you can minimize your cost of fund which ultimately boost your profitability.

Business Incorporation

If you are planning to form a business either Self-Employed or Corporation and want to register including GST/HST, Payroll, and Export-Import registration with CRA, we can assist you by providing customized advice based on your situations and needs. A small mistake may cause you to pay additional fees/charges to the government.

Other services

Business Financing Assistance

We assist our clients to finance or refinance their business or residential mortgage from a bank or financial institution at the lowest interest rate.


Inventory Taking and Management

We can help take your inventory and design your inventory control mechanism so that you can minimize your inventory cost while never shortfall.


Conducting Internal Audit

We conduct internal audits of your business in general or with a particular/special objective in a cost-effective way.


WSIB Registration & Reporting

We assist your business to register with WSIB and ensure your WSIB premium remittance as well as periodical reporting on time. We deal with any issue with WSIB.


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